Cheap Wedding Packages For Your Special Day


Weddings are anything but cheap. In fact, in 2012, the estimated cost of an average wedding in the United States was $28, 000!! If you are like me, you can probably think of a lot of other things that you could do with $28,000, assuming that you have that kind of cash lying around!

That brings us here, to this article. How can you cut the cost of your wedding? What can you do to have the best of both worlds, a picture-perfect wedding day, without taking an massive debt? Have no fear, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that will help you cut costs and still have a special day.

The first way to cut the cost of your wedding is to make your list of guests as short as possible. Each person is going to cost you money. On average, you can calculate that each guest will cost you between $30-$70, so rethink each and every name on your list! After you have cut the list, wait a week and then cut it again.

The next most expense part of your wedding is going to be your reception hall. Again, the smaller the guest list, the smaller reception hall you’ll need, thus lowering your expenses. Look at unique places for your reception, and you’ll save even more. Bed and Breakfasts, museums, parks and other non traditional out door locations can really lower your costs.

Many hotels offer cheap wedding packages, too. These package deals can include the reception hall, catering and drinks for a reduced cost. Don’t rule out a destination wedding either, since often times they also offer cheap wedding packages without having to sacrifice a memorable wedding reception.


Another easy way to save money on your wedding is to get married during the week. The most popular day to get married is on Saturday afternoon and most caterers and reception halls charge more for these premium days. You’ll find that Friday and Sunday are less expensive, but Monday through Thursday will be significantly less. Plus, if you have your wedding during the week, you may find that not everyone will be able to come, saving you a little bit extra there, too!

Food is another major expense. But don’t worry, there are ways to economize here, too. If you didn’t go with one of the cheap wedding packages available through a hotel or other major wedding planner, you can still save money on food by choosing a caterer who is a little less popular for weddings.
For example, my family just loves this little Greek restaurant in town. So, when my sister got married, we asked the owner if he would consider cooking for us. He said yes, served the food buffet style, and we paid just $300 for 42 people, averaging just $7.14 per person! That was a huge saving over the $25-45 per plate that the caterers were charging.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on your wedding dress either. There are hundreds of dresses that have been worn just once (and some have never been worn!) for sale on eBay, Craigslist and even your local classifieds. Taking the time to look at pre worn gowns can score you a beautiful dress for a $100 or less. Sometimes you can even find a tux for less than the cost of renting one!

So, don’t let the $28,000 price tag worry you. Get a little creative, think outside of the box, and your special day will be an event that you’ll cherish forever!.